Studio apartment (Odessa center)
#27 Zaslavskogo str
US$59 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Arkadia)
#12/9 Tenistaya str.
US$75 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#6 Voenniy spusk
US$77 p/night

2 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#10 Deribasovskaya str.
US$79 p/night



My dear guests, I am glad to welcome you to lovely city of Odessa, Ukraine. My name is Taisiya Sinitskaya, a 27 y.o. intelligent, fun and highly-educated manager with over 8 years of experience living and operating in Odessa, Ukraine.


My "Arkadia Apartments" project was created for travelers and guests who want to arrange secure trips, have stress free vacations, rent comfortable and tidy apartments in coastal area close to bars, restaurants, night clubs and Odessa beaches. And especially for those, who don't want to overpay their accommodations with agency commissions and fees. If you have concerns of being involved in scam/fraud, please read my testimonials first. Upon request, I will provide direct contacts of people who used my services and have their feedback on Arkadia apartments.


I work:



  • fast;
  • professionally;
  • legally (have my own patent and cetificate assigned with tax police in Odessa)



I am ready to help you with apartment rentals both for long-term and short-term (daily) periods offering you only new, clean and tidy apartments for rent in quiet, comfortable and ecologically clean districts of Odessa.


All of the managed apartments are located in Odessa center close to Deribasovskaya street (the main street of Odessa) and on the sea coast in Arkadia within steps away from night clubs, and Arkadia beach. All of Arkadia apartments overview the sea coast, have large comfortable terraces and located within 1-3 minutes' walk to Arkadia central alley and Ithaka, Western, Ibiza, Bounty night clubs and Fankoni, Mama Mia pizzeria, Lasunka restaurants.


Most of the apartments have WiFi high speed Internet for guests who stick to their business wherever they travel to. This way, Arkadia apartments managed by me are of high class, of certain convenience and of reasonable rates

My latest testimonials: 


Ronald Shea from California, USA

I am writing this to offer my highest recommendation for Taya Sinitskaya, and the services she provides through "Arkadia Apartments" in the city of Odessa. 

Whether you need a translator, an apartment, or you are hoping to meet a lady here in Odessa, before you arrive, it is critical that you know at least one genuinely honest and decent person here in the city of Odessa.

And if you are from an English speaking country, that person is Taya! It is an advantage you cannot afford to be without! Taya has been more than simply competent, and professional. She also has been truly gracious and helpful. There is no higher recommendation that I could offer.

You are invited to contact me if you wish to confirm the authenticity of this recommendation. My name is Ronald Shea. I am a California attorney, and president of Clear Gospel Ministries. I'm easily found on all search engines.


August, 14th 2009 

 Bruce Beaubouef

For anyone planning a trip to Ukraine, I highly recommend using the services of Taisiya Sinitskaya (aka Taya) for all your housing, transportation, and interpreter-guide needs. 

I was in Odessa in late November 2009 for just over a week, and Taya’s help was indispensable to both the success and the quality of my trip. She helped me obtain a very nice apartment for the entirety of my stay, at a reasonable price, with a nice Jacuzzi bath and high-quality, fast, uninterrupted Internet service. The apartment I rented also had air-conditioning and heating; a refrigerator, kitchen sink and bar, and heat-up stove. (It also had a very nice TV which I did not use—I was too busy! ;-)) 


Taya also arranged my pickup from the airport and return; interpreter guides and taxi services whenever I needed them – again all for a reasonable cost. Here I need to give a big recommendation also to Masha and Natalia, interpreter guides Taya arranged for me during those few times when I had spare time in my schedule. Both ladies were very helpful in showing me around Odessa, finding a good place to eat, and shopping for groceries and other necessities.  


Taya also provided an indispensable service staying in contact with the various interpreters of the ladies I met, and making sure that they had a nice apartment to stay at (and all the things they needed) and taxi service when they needed it. 


When I wasn’t meeting ladies with whom I had already been corresponding with, Taya also arranged for me to meet a (very nice!) lady on two occasions during my stay in Odessa. She does this through her own website,  Ukraine Dating, which I also highly recommend. If for whatever reason your meeting with a lady (through another website) does not work out, you ought to review Taya’s website (I think she runs it with a business partner). In fact, if you want to meet real, beautiful ladies in Odessa or other parts of Ukraine, you might start with this website! 


What’s more, Taya was always available to me at almost any time of the day by email and phone. In fact, Taya was almost always available to me by phone or email well before my trip, during the trip, and even after the trip as well. Truth be told, Taya is the most friendly, helpful and professional person that I have ever done business with! I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Do yourself a favor and contact Taya before your trip to Ukraine. You’ll be well on your way to success in your trip to Ukraine, whether on business or pleasure.


Bruce Beaubouef, Houston, Texas, USA


December, 9 2009  



 Dale McNab from Melbourne, Australia

 I am writing this letter to show how very greatful I am to personally know Taya. From my personal experience when in 2004, I visited Odessa Ukraine I engaged the translation services of Taya, and could see that her integrity was second to no one, her translation skills are the best I have ever seen, she is always very friendly and was more than willing to help me settle in, after my long journey from Australia. If you ever have a problem, she will always be there! To me she was like a "Second Mother" as not knowing the language was very frightening to me, but with Taya, my mind was at ease! I could certainly recommend no-one Higher than Taya as she is the best! Once you get to know this lady, you have made a life long friend! Her Honesty, Integrity and Personality are the shining beacon in Odessa.


Dale McNab from Melbourne, Australia


"Lochsyde" Koraleigh Road, Tooleybuc

New South Wales, 2736



August, 16 2009 



Dear Taya, 

Apologizing for the delay in our reply, we (me and Simone) would express our full satisfaction for the services offered by you and the kindness you showed during our stay in Odessa. Should we decide to come to Ukraine once again, for sure we would ask for your service once more. 

Greetings from Italy, 

Marco and Simone

October, 15 2009 




Dear Taya, 


It has been some time since I arrived home and my personal affairs have settled down and I have had time to reflect on my wonderful visit to Odessa. I need to thank you for all that you did for me. You went out of your way to be as helpfull as anyone could have hoped, and your assistances in so many ways made my vacation and visit there all the more wonderful! I want to mention the beautiful Natalie also. That girl has too much energy! No actually I wouldn't change anything about her or you! 


Odessa was such a big city, and it is a city that I think could "eat you alive" without someone you can trust and depend on. The translations were perfect, the apartment was wonderful (the best bargain I had in Ukraine), and my meetings were made all the easier with the help of you two ladies. Thanks Taya! And tell Natalie I wrote to say hello and I thank her also. I hope to arrive again soon! 


Did I mention how beautiful the women were in Odessa? Well never mind... 


Take care! 


Steve Huff


September, 16 2009