Studio apartment (Odessa center)
#27 Zaslavskogo str
US$59 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Arkadia)
#12/9 Tenistaya str.
US$75 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#6 Voenniy spusk
US$77 p/night

2 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#10 Deribasovskaya str.
US$79 p/night

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Title City Address Zip State Price
Deribasovskaya apartment

Odessa #1 Ekaterininskaya square $78
This is a nice tidy apartment located within 5 minutes' walk away from Deribasovskaya street of 60 sq.m. in total. The apartment is studio room equipped with TV, fold out couch, glass table and two chairs. There's also a separate bedroom with a king size bed, TV set, drawers and a mirror closet. Kitchenette with all needed kitchen utensils, microwave, fridge, bathroom has shower cabin, drier
Voenniy spusk/Deribasovskaya
rent Deribasovskaya apartment
Odessa #1 Ekaterininskaya square $82
This is a spacious nicely furnished and best located apartment in Voenniy spusk, close to Primorskiy Boulevard, Potyomkin staircase, Ekaterininskaya square with the importance of personal touch in design, equipment and furniture. 2 air conditioners, 2 plasma TV sets with over 70 cable channels (adult inclusive), washing machine, bath tub, table, chairs, fold out sofa and a king size bed in a separate bedroom. Kitchen is a separate unit also equipped with all needed kitchen utensils, gas stove, refrigerator, drawer. Windows of the apartment overview quiet sceneric backyard and seaside. This is a wonderful location for travelers seeking best location, decent price and security.
Voenniy spusk/Deribasovskaya
Ekaterininskaya square Odessa apartment
Odessa #1 Ekaterininskaya square/Deribasovskaya $82
This is totally awesome fresh and newly rennovated 65 sq.m. one bedroom apartment in the very heart of Odessa close to Deribasovskaya (1-2 minutes' walk away) in Primoskiy Boulevard. The apartment is fully furnished with a large mirror closet, table and chairs, leather fold out full size sofa, two armchairs, king size bed in a separate bedrooom, kitchen. Equipment: refrigerator, water boiler (water supply 24/7), air conditioners, plasma TV sets with over 70 cable channels (adult inclusive), gas stove in the kitchen, hydromassage shower cabin, iron, ironing board, blow hair drier, etc.
#20 Deribasovskaya str.
#20 Deribasovskaya apartment
Odessa #20 Deribasovskaya str $67
This is a cozy centrally located spaciious fresh apartment right next to City Garden. Apartment is located on the 4th floor of a 4 storeyed building. The apartment is a 1 bedroom unit with a king size bed, large mirror closet, leather convertible full size couch, cable TV with over 70 cable channels, A/C, kitchen/gas stove, refrigerator, shower cabin in the bathroom. The unit is a 50 sq.m. cozy spacious apartment just above the famous Steak House in Deribasovskaya street. Iron, ironing board, blos hair drier, washing machine available.
Odessa minihotel

Odessa #21 Preobrazhenskaya str. 65007 AK $72
This is a mini hotel of three one bedroom apartments in equal style. Each of the apartment has separate bedroom on the upper level divided from the studio by wooden staircase. Apartments have High Speed WiFi Internet, cable TV, local phone, fridge, kitchenette, electric cooker, bath tub, mirror closet, king size bed, 2 Tv sets, leather fold out couch, A/C. Each apartment is 40 sq.m. in total. The mini hotel is located on the corner of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets within steps away from Deribasovskaya. Near bars, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and Internet cafes. Perfect for long term rentals for 2-3 people on a business trip.
Bazarnaya apartment

Odessa #35 Bazarnaya apartment $79
This is a newly rennovated nicely furnished 1 bedroom luxurious apartment located in corner of Pushkinskaya and Bazarnaya streets. The apartment is located close to Deribasovskaya street (within 5 blocks away or 10 minutes' walk) and close to supermarkets, fitness centers, shops, Internet cafes. The apartment is fully equipped with an air conditioner, drawer, kitchen, gas stove, water boiler, jacuzzi tub, TV sets with over 70 cable channels (adult inclusive), cable Internet. Furniture: mirror closet, king size bed, full size convertible couch, drawers, kitchen with all needed utensils. Perfect place to rent either for a couple or a single person accepting guests.
Arkadia apartment #1

Odessa #49/1 Fountain Road 54009 AK $89
This is a luxury super spacious 80 sq.m. 1 bedroom apartment with a large balcony, studio room of 40 sq.m., bedroom of 20 sq.m. and a hall. The studio room is equipped with kitchen, cooker, full size convertible couch, 40' plasma TV, dining table for 4 persons and 4 chairs. Bedroom's got drawers, large king size bed, closet and leads to the balcony overviewing Fountain street. Bathroom is equipped with jacuzzi, water boiler which keeps hot/cold water supply 24/7. In the hall there's a large coupe closet. High Speed Internet connection is available upon request (for an extra US$40 fee)
#4b Shevchekno ave. (ARKADIA)

Odessa #4b Shevchenko ave. $134
This is a totally fresh year 2010 remodeled apartment near Arkadia close to Dolphin beach and within 10 minutes' drive to Arkadia beach and night clubs. The apartment is a one bedroom place with a large studio room and kitchen and a separate bedroom. The apartment's got everything needed on a vacation: bath tub, Air Conditioner, Internet, large bed and a convertible comfortable couch for two. A perfect choice for a luxury with an average budget for accommodating up to 4 people.
Arkadia Palace apartment #2

Odessa #5/3 Gagarinskoe Plato 65122 TX $147
This is a spacious new 1-bedroom apartment of approx. 70 sq.m. of overall space with studio 40 sq.m. room (kitchen, 2 full size convertible sofas, TV 29', dining table and chairs). In a separate bedroom you can see a large king size bed. The apartment is air conditioned, light and spacious. There's also a large closet, washing machine, cooker, bath tub and all needed kitchen utensils. The apartment is located in a brand new building "Arkadia palace" within 1-3 minutes' walk from Arkadia beach and night clubs
Arkadia Palace apartment #4

Odessa #5/3 Gagarinskoe Plato $119
This apartment is located in Arkadia Palace, the exclusive architecture masterpiece building of year 2007 that has no similar units in Ukraine. The Arkadia Palace is placed within steps away from the beach and night club area in Arkadia, which makes this location luxurious and the best for a vacation. This is a mini apart hotel room "Passion" designed for a perfect couple and is located on the 12th floor of 12 storeyed building. The apartment is a 70 sq.m. spacious air conditioned and just finished with rennovation unit that consists of a large 20 sq.m. studio room equipped with air conditioner, LCD TV, large fold out couch (queen size), kitchen, all needed kitchen utensils, cooker, refrigerator, table with 4 chairs, microwave with the open terrace overlooking the seaside. A separate bedroom has king size bed in it and LCD TV. Another bedroom has a large closet for linen, and also a king size bed. The hall is a 10 sq.m. in total room with large closet, cleaner's (iron board, iron, hooks for clothes, etc.) Bathroom is a 3,5 sq.m. room with bath tub for two, washing machine, hot/cold water supply 24/7. The whole unit can easily accomodate up to 3-4 people. High Speed Internet is available 24/7 (WiFi)
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