Studio apartment (Odessa center)
#27 Zaslavskogo str
US$59 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Arkadia)
#12/9 Tenistaya str.
US$75 p/night

1 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#6 Voenniy spusk
US$77 p/night

2 bedroom apartment (Odessa center)
#10 Deribasovskaya str.
US$79 p/night

Name: Taisiya Sinitskaya


Age: 27

Birth date: October, 24 1983

Marital status: Married, with a son

Education: Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University (Master's degree)

Driving license: Available, category "B" 

Position: Odessa translator/interpreter on freelance and outsorce basis




Email address: [email protected]

Phone # +380632640518

Skype ID: taisshia

ICQ #275000814


Additional education:


Practicing in UAE (United Arab Emirates), American community (1994-1996);


Odessa State courses of Foreign languages (Advanced level), diploma with award (1997-1999)


FCE - First Certificate of English - 2007-2008 with award


My projects:


Odessa translator

Odessa lady guide


Specialization of interpreting/assistance in:


  • Foreign Investments
  • Orphanage/Infant adoption
  • Buying mortgage, real estate in Ukraine
  • Business
  • Dating beautiful women of Ukraine
  • Vacation/Sightseeing


Experience background:


    *  2004-2007 – Translation & Legislation business owner. Working with companies and private clients (translations, apostil), interpreting, arranging visas and vouchers for tourists;

    * 2002-2004 – Odessa Business School (Odessa State Stock) holding position of the Chief Manager of English language department. Responsibilities: working at the methodology of the education process, reducing phonetic mistakes in communication, lectures and discussions. Results: successful integration of phonetic imitation in reducing Russian accent in communication, speech skills, Video lessons, listening etc.;

    * 2003-2004 – Ushinsky Odessa Pedagogical University – teacher and trainer of English. Special course in groups of 12-30 people;

    * 1999-2005 – Odessa National University – student, Master’s degree in Linguistic Researches of Slavic languages (philologist). Diploma in “Comparativistic views onto the translation types of Russian and Ukrainian national dishes and food”


Personal qualities:


    * Responsibility;


    * Accuracy;


    * Demanding to others and myself